About Me

Experienced Affiliate Marketing Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the MLM industry with companies such as Melaleuca, Amway, and Pre-Paid Legal plus 30 years of experience in Internet Marketing

I am originally from Germantown, TN. I’ve always been ambitious but have learned how to temper fun with everything I do. Love collaborating with people and have always moved up the ranks quickly in anything I have ever endeavored.
Wanting to see the world was the primary reason I joined the US Air Force and stayed for 22 + years. I now live in Spring Hill, FL with my wife and two dogs.

During my military career, I was able to travel to Viet Nam, the United Kingdom, Germany, Okinawa, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, and Amsterdam.

Retired at the rank of Senior Master Sergeant which is the top 2% of the entire military service.
Since retiring, I have had numerous jobs and positions. I have been involved in Network Marketing when there was no Internet, I am well versed in Internet and Affiliate Marketing.

Spent thousands of dollars and countless person-hours pursuing my dream of helping as many people as possible to achieve financial success. I am generous by default.

I inherited my love of helping others from my father. He also taught me
the importance of never giving up on a dream.

I honestly believe in the Holy Bible and all it is content. Life has a universal principle, that, whatever you do today has consequences tomorrow. You are in control of your future.

Question to you: Are you a winner or a quitter?

I am one who believes in stepping out on faith and being generous by default, I get so much joy when I see my efforts put money in other people’s pockets.

Looking for winners to join my community of happy people feeding starving children all around the world.

I am a totally people-orientated person, that believes in treating others like you want to be treated, nothing more or nothing less. I will give you the shirt off my back until I find out that you are taking my kindness for weakness, then I will drop you like a hot potato. I have been involved in Internet Marketing for over 25 years. Please like, share, and subscribe to my blogs, I write at least 5 blogs post a week on various subjects, and I am sure you will not be bored

Join me in the All in One $25.00 a month All In One Business in a Box, I will gladly pay your first two months through $Cashapp or Zelle if you make a pledge to do the same for your new recruit. Can you see where this is going? You will get $20.00 on all the recruits that join you. Are you feeling the power of this concept? Now it is easy to realize how The Home Business Academy has paid out over 2 million to their clients.

Feel Good Knowing Every Sale or Purchase You Make Feeds Starving Children All Over The World…

Just this alone is worth joining if you have any compassion for mankind, let alone what you will get in return. Check it out for yourself, and by all means, do your investigations.

If you cannot see the advantage of helping feed starving children all over the world, while being compensated, I think you may need to have your pulse checked.


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