(1) Your first job is to LEARN

IWIN123 teaches you a marketing plan that you follow to get started. This step is crucial as it will create a flow to you of very targeted people who are genuinely interested in your business.

(2) Help your downline get started & EARN

Next, you will take those leads and simply answer some shared questions. (Do not worry your inviter is getting a residual income to help you here) Finally, you will direct them to our site to view the videos and sign up! Really simple stuff here.

(3) You return calls to people who are asking for information

You will want to assist your downline with some of their first calls and sign-ups. Again, just provide some guidance on basic questions that each new member has. Follow this plan and You will CONTINUOUSLY EARN A RESIDUAL INCOME on every single sale your downline makes.

IWIN123 provides educational marketing products and services to online marketers and home-business owners. IWIN123 offers 5 courses of business and marketing software products and tools as well as health and wellness and self-development packages. Details are available in the products section below.

These products and tools are packed with information and methods which you can employ to build your business as you market them to earn an increasingly lucrative income. Naturally, the higher levels produce higher profits for you. Learn & Earn.

You might think of the 5 courses as additional shares of stock in your business and thus your higher degree of ownership (more courses) entitles you to additional products as well as larger commissions on each course.


Are 15 minutes of your time worth $250-$7500? If you answered yes, then this is something you must see. https://bit.ly/3d4s6tc



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