6 Stages of Life: Exploring Your Development Throughout Your Life

Everyone goes through a series of phases throughout their life. This is normal and natural. We grow and adapt to our surroundings because we go through this process called life. As you venture deeper into adulthood and continue to explore new things, you might start feeling a bit restless. However, this is a good thing as it means that your instincts are telling you that now is the time to move on from childhood and start exploring new things.

Even though each phase of life offers its own unique set of challenges and opportunities, most people tend to experience them in the same order. The six main stages of life are adolescence, emerging adulthood, young adulthood, middle adulthood, old age, and twilight years. Let us look at what each one of these stages’ entails:



Adolescence is a stage of life where you are still developing as a person but are also finding your place in the world. You may be entering your teenage years, finishing high school, or entering the world of work. This is a time of exploration and boundary testing. If you are entering this stage of life, you may be feeling the need to move out of your parent’s house and become more independent. This can be a tough time to navigate, but it is an exciting time as well.


Emerging Adulthood

During emerging adulthood, you may be entering your early twenties, finishing college, or are just beginning to think about your future. Many of you will be entering the workforce and/or becoming financially independent. This is a time of great experimentation, especially sexually and in your relationship with yourself. You may be feeling a great deal of pressure to figure out what you want to do with your life.


Young Adult Years

During your young adult years, you are settling into adulthood, but are still seeking fulfillment and purpose. You will be at the beginning of your career, starting a family, and expanding your social circles. This is a time of chaos and growth, but it is also a time when you may feel like you do not have a solid path.


Middle Adulthood

During middle adulthood, you are at a point where you are integrating the parts of your life that you have gathered and seeking balance. This can often be a time of illness and/or loss, though it can also be a time of great productivity and satisfaction. You may be at a point where you are actively creating your legacy.


Old Age

During old age, you are coming to terms with mortality and are struggling to find meaning and purpose. This can be a challenging time for many, though it is also a time where you can reflect on your life, learn from the past, and grow as a person. You may be at the end of your life or experiencing the health complications that are associated with old age.


Twilight Years

During the twilight years, you are experiencing the twilight of your life. You may be experiencing the effects of old age, realizing that you have extraordinarily little time left, or facing the death of a loved one. This can be a time of great sadness or a time of great peace and clarity.

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