6 Ways, You’re Preventing Yourself from Making a Change

6 Ways You’re Stopping Yourself From Making an Online Business Decision

6 Ways, You’re Preventing Yourself from Making a Financial Change

When it comes to changing your financial habits, you might feel a little overwhelmed. There are so many things going on in your life now that seem important but are not necessarily good for you financially. Financial changes can feel challenging if you do not know where to start or what new habits you need to form to reach your goals. Luckily, this does not have to be a scary thing. In fact, with the right knowledge, time and effort, you can make a financial change. Here are six common reasons why people fail when it comes to changing their financial habits and how you can avoid them too:

You are Not Clear on Your Goals

Somehow, you got the idea in your head that changing your financial habits is a thing you need to do. You have made a mental note of some things you would like to change about your finances. You even have some ideas about how you would like to transform your money situation. But somewhere along the way, you stopped thinking about it as something you needed to do.

You got so excited about the idea of changing the money habits that you forgot to ask yourself. if this was something you needed to do. You know that you would like to make some changes to your finances. And you may also be unsure why you would want to do this and what those changes might look like. You may also feel like you are not yet ready to take the plunge and make these changes in your life.

You are Afraid of What Others Will Think

There is no doubt that some people will have a negative reaction to your online business. If you are among them. You may be worried that your peers, family members, and people you work with will not understand or accept your new decision. This can be especially true if you are making substantial changes to your money situation. Like switching jobs, or starting an online business. In addition, there is a chance that someone you know is experiencing some financial hardship also. If so, you may be afraid to ask them to join you in your quest, because you do not want to add to their financial stress.

You are Tired of Trying Different Things

While it is true that making a change as drastic as changing business opportunities requires a significant amount of effort. You may be feeling like you have spent so much time and money trying this and the other that you are “tired of it all. There is some truth to this. Business opportunities are formed over time and the process of changing them is stressful. If you find that you are tired of it all, do not worry. This does not mean you should give up on your online business opportunity. Instead, take a step back and ask yourself if you have taken the necessary time for this effort to have an impact on your life.

 You Do Not Have a Plan or A Timeline

Making a financial change is something that you need to do. It is not an event that happens to you and then something else happens. In other words, you cannot just decide one day to start doing things differently with your money. You need to decide to start an online business and follow a successful plan for doing so. This does not mean that your plan must be perfect or that it must include everything you want to change.  It just must be a step toward that change. You may find yourself in this situation because you do not yet have a plan or timeline in place for making these important steps.

 Do you Need More Information or Help?

No matter how much you know about starting an online business, you will not be able to have influence in your life until you accept that you are not alone. You will face challenges and setbacks that you cannot overcome on your own. You may be experiencing this when you want to get more information about your online business or you want to get help from a professional. While you can find both things online and through your local library. You may tend to keep information about your finances close to your chest, or you may be embarrassed to ask for financial help.


Starting an online business can be scary and risky. Making big ones like changing your money habits can feel overwhelming. They may also seem like a monumental change that is “off-limits” to make until you are ready. But the truth is, these kinds of changes can help you reach your goals more quickly and with less stress in your life. You do not have to do it alone, I am here with you every step of the way once you make a decision change. The key is to take the time to identify what changes you want to make and how you can make them more comfortable.

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