Affiliate marketing ups and downs vs MLM opportunities

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What is Affiliate marketing?


The Internet is full of opportunities where you promote products for other companies and earn commissions. Examples of this are websites and blogs where you can write reviews of new products and services that a particular company is offering to advertisers. You can also promote existing products by placing Google AdSense ads relating to the topic of your choice.


Affiliate marketing can be done in two ways:


A traditional model: In this model, you get the products to market from the company. The company will manage everything on your behalf and train you with all the promotion tips & tricks to know. You will be promoting their product (either free or with a cost).


An MLM model: This model entails recruiting people (known as affiliates) to market the products for them. The affiliates will be paid commission based on the sales they generate.


This sounds similar enough, right? Well, yes, but it does not stop there.


Affiliate marketing: The model described above is just the beginning. You as an affiliate will need to build up your own business. You need to learn how to market your own product(s) through websites, blogs, newsletters & articles to inform potential customers about the product or service that you are promoting. If you are using the Google AdSense Program, you will need to learn how to insert relevant ads that will allow you to earn money.


Once you are well informed about the product, you will want to make sure that you are promoting the right stuff. There is quite a difference between promoting the wrong things on your website.


So, what is the next thing?


You will need to promote your website consistently so that people will find everything that you put on your website. If you do not know what to promote, then you need to learn. You can either hire help who will help you to promote your website or you can go for an affiliate program.


Affiliate programs: You may apply to become an affiliate of a particular company. In such a program, you will be given a URL which is your affiliate link. Whenever someone clicks on this link and purchase the product that you are promoting, you get a certain percentage commission. It is that simple. You will be not required to find any product or service and then promote it.


It will be something simple to learn, as you will just need to learn the basics and then you can just build a website and start making money.


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