The Day Before Tomorrow: The Doors of What-Ifs

I was working as an engineer on a project that didn’t seem like it would be very successful. It was a great opportunity for me as an engineer, but there was a chance it would fail and we would lose a lot of money. I was worried about losing my house, about being homeless.

Why Some People Accrue Abundance and Others Don’t.

Wealth inequality is a problem that affects almost all societies. One of the main reasons for it is that some people listen to advice and take action.

Why & How To Start An Online Business In 2023?

Everyone has a passion, some call it a calling and others see it as an opportunity. Whatever you believe, the fact remains that everyone has a passion they desire to share with the world.

Five New Ways to Make Opportunities Happen

Don’t focus on the negative and don’t let them get you down. Instead, focus on the positive and make it a habit to stay positive and trust in the process. You will see results.