Create A Theme and A Hook to Entertain Your Audience

So, you want to create a theme and a hook for your bonus offer and page. You want to show your visitors that you want them to remember your offer and that you want to work hard for their money. You can make it fun with a video, you can theme your promotion with. Make it fun and exciting. Use superheroes like we have done, find something that resonates with people and you can get their attention. Create a good bonus offer that is going to deliver both value and volume.

So, people will be getting a lot of stuff as useful not as junk, you will have a good promotion. So, you want to create good bonuses, like we said you can deliver it later, you can do the coaching call, you can do all that kind of stuff. You can do interviews; you can deliver services. Only approximately 3-5 percent will claim those services, but you want to create good bonuses for your people. Increase the value, put a lot of bonuses together because like we said “they go bonus shopping.

We must make sure that you have good bonus that is going to fill in the gap and they will want to buy from you and not buy from somebody else. Create bonuses that are congruent to the offer you are promoting. When you put together your promotion, you have those crash campaigns that you put together. You can set up deals where you can find promotional value from the vendor.

Create Unique Bonuses

Creating unique bonuses is critical to having awesome bonuses that you can offer to your subscribers and customers to get more sales out of your affiliate promotions. But this can be very scary and mind blowing if you have never created a product or something to deliver to your subscribers before. You want to make sure that you deliver quality and good content, so we are going to cover how to create some unique, useful, and awesome products to start building your digital asset library.

You want to create and build bonuses that are congruent to the main product you are promoting. Meaning that you want to have your bonuses related to the main product. Something that will help your subscribers make more money with the main product or make it easier for them the use it faster. The most important thing about create great bonuses is making the USEFUL. Not just stuff but things people want and can uses. By offering a lot of useful bonuses your offer is more appealing to your customers.

eBook’s and Reports

You are an expert on subject topics within your niche. You need the confidence to put your knowledge on to digital paper. If you have ever written a book report in school, you can create a report or eBook that People love training videos to teach them what they want to know.

This is the digital age, and this is the format they want to learn through. By creating short videos and presentations you can use these as bonuses. This will not only create content for you it will also build your brand that is equally important.


Most people these days are so busy and on the go. Audio recordings of videos and training are valuable because they can easily be adding to your subscriber’s smart phones or any device they use to listen to music or audio. They can now learn and take advantage of your bonus as they go through their busy schedules trying to build an online business.

Group Coaching Calls

This is a bonus that you do not have to deliver up front and can be completed after the promotion is over.

These coaching calls can be delivered as a teleconference or webinar. You can be live on camera or use a presentation to deliver to your subscribers. Create a presentation related to the product you are promoting that will help them use the product better and be more successful.

You can also invite the product creator on to the call to show your audience that you care about them and are going to deliver secrets about the product that they cannot get with anyone else.


Exclusive interviews are AWESOME bonuses to deliver to your subscribers and customers. These are extremely easy to do and are high perceived value as a bonus. By asking product vendors for an interview is a great way to deliver good content about the product you are promoting to your audience.

These interviews can be used to deliver insider tips and tricks about the product to increase your conversion from your bonus page increasing your sales. Interviews can also be transcribed into eBooks or audio recordings if you interviewed your expert live.

PLR Content

Using private label rights is a great tool to use to create bonuses but you need to do it the right way. When using PLR content to create your bonuses you will need to completely change the content to be unique to you. What do I mean by that? PLR content is purchased by hundreds or even thousands of people and you want to make sure your bonus is unique right, so you want to change the content to be your own.

Changing the graphics is the first step in making your private label rights content unique. It is easy to have graphics created for your new product. You can use sites like or the Warrior Forum to have eBook covers and graphics created inexpensively. Next you want to review the content and make sure it is good quality and make any updates or changes that you think are necessary to reflect what you are trying to deliver to your audience.

Repurpose Your Own Content

Using what you already have is the quickest and easiest way to make unique bonuses your subscribers will love.

If you have ever created a report, a video, an email series for a promotion, etc. Anything that you have created in the past for your niche you can turn into another product bonus.

For example if you have recorded a video that has taught something you can turn that into an audio recording by extract the audio from the video for people on the go to listen to your training. You can have the audio transcribed into a report or eBook for those that like to read. You can even bundle all the videos you have created into a bigger package for a bonus.