Five New Ways to Make Opportunities Happen


Have you ever felt like your life was passing you by? Maybe you’re self-employed or run your own business, and it feels like time is just flying by. You have great ideas and plans for the future, but things seem to be moving so slowly. You don’t feel as excited about everything as you once did. If that sounds like you, then read on! It’s important to stay positive and keep a level head when things aren’t going well. Most people will give up on their dreams within the first few weeks of feeling down and frustrated. But, if you focus on what you can do to change your circumstances, then anything is possible! Here are some practical ideas on how to make opportunities happen in your life:


Networking Is Worth Its Weight In Gold

Networking is not something that should be done passively. If you simply show up at events and put yourself out there, then you’re not going to get very far. Instead, you should be proactive. Approach people and ask them if you can say a quick hello. Be genuinely interested in other people, and you’ll be surprised at how open people will be to talking to you. Networking can also be a great place to make business connections.


For example, if you are looking for opportunities to sponsor bands, then you could approach people at a music networking event and see if they know of any potential partners. You can also use networking as a way to meet new clients or partners. If you’re a contractor and you’re looking to expand your skillset, then you could approach an owner who runs a contracting company and ask if they know of any opportunities for you to work on their projects. Networking is worth its weight in gold.


Don’t Assume People Know Who You Are

Unfortunately, most people know who you are. Therefore, it’s important to be yourself and not assume that people already know who you are and what you do. This will make you seem more approachable and less intimidating. You don’t want to come across as being pushy or aggressive. Therefore, avoid wearing your business shirt and suit when you’re going to networking events and instead wear casual, comfortable clothes that you can easily move around in. You don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard, but you do want to look presentable and professional.


At networking events, you don’t have to aggressively pitch your business and try to win people over instantly. You should be friendly, but not overly so. You want to be approachable and friendly, but also make sure that you are networking and making connections. Instead of being too focused on your own agenda, try to meet new people and make connections that are relevant to your business.


Prepare a concise pitch for your idea

If you have an idea for a product or a service, then you need to clearly explain it to potential investors, partners, and customers. To do this, you should create a pitch. A pitch is an elevator pitch, but it’s a more concise version that is about a minute long. An elevator pitch is about the idea and not about the company or product in detail. You can use PowerPoint or a simple whiteboard to create a pitch.


Show authentic enthusiasm at all times

As mentioned above, networking is worth its weight in gold, but it’s also important to show enthusiasm and enthusiasm at all times when networking. You don’t want to seem too enthusiastic, but you do want to come across as being interested in other people and their ideas. You don’t want to seem robotic or fake. You want to come across as being genuinely interested in other people, their ideas, and the projects that they are working on. And of course, you want to be genuine in your enthusiasm for your ideas, products, and company as well.


Stay positive and trust in the process

If you focus on the positive and make it a habit to stay optimistic, then doors will open up for you. When things don’t go according to plan or you don’t get the results that you had hoped for, it’s important to stay positive and try not to get frustrated. Instead, take a step back, think about what happened and why, and then try to identify a solution to the problem. You may have tried something different that you didn’t notice or notice in the first place.



Success is never an accident. If you are persistent and focused, you will get what you want. When networking, you will run into many roadblocks. This is okay. Don’t focus on the negative and don’t let them get you down. Instead, focus on the positive and make it a habit to stay positive and trust in the process. You will see results.

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