How to train your dog without the treat tricks


You can train your dog much more successfully by not using treats and not giving him commands that he has heard before. Some unusual commands can be highly effective. A dog will often respond much better to a new command than to an old one, or even to a treat.


I have used the following methods with enormous success: To get my dog to come home I use the word “please” instead of “come”, and I add some body language like a slight nod of my head for example. I have also added some verbal cues such as when we go out for walks, I say, “we’re going now” and give him a slight tug on his collar. He knows it is time to go when I say those words.


Treats are great tools during training, but once your dog already knows how to do something you should try to take the treats out of the equation. If you always give your dog a treat after he comes home, then he will get the idea that only coming home will get him his treat. Therefore, if you want your dog to come home without using treats, it is best not to give them every time he does it anyway.


I have found that when training a dog, it is important not to talk in familiar tones.

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I will be talking about ways to train your dog that are not based on treats. I will also mention a couple of “treat tricks” that can make training easier when you are just starting out.


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