Are you a musician? Whether you play for pay or for your own personal enjoyment, did you know that you can take your music and capitalize from the popularity of cell phones? You can. How? By making your own ringtones.

Right about now, you may be thinking there is no way you could turn your music into a ringtone. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly believe it is a hard process. It is amazingly simple. Even if you enjoy singing or playing for your own personal enjoyment, you should already know how to record your sounds and upload them to your computer. In fact, you may record directly to your computer! If so, it could not get any easier to make money with ringtones.

To transform your music into a ringtone, start with an MP3 file. Next, you need to reduce the length. Ringtones should be about 20 seconds in length. You can use a simple and free music editing software to edit your music. Take a part of a song you did and choose the best part, such as your favorite lyrics or an instrumental. Save this new version. Before offering for sale, test on your phone. You will need a connecting USB cable or blue tooth technology to upload.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can create a ringtone that is in MP3 format. Since most modern cell phones have MP3 capabilities, this is not only the easiest approach to take, but the best. As for making money, how do you do it?

If you are a musician or singer who performs, you should have an online website. List those ringtones on your website for sale. Have a sample available for each ringtone. It is best if you have at least 10 to choose from. The more ringtones you have available for sale, the more interest you generate. Consider installing shopping cart software, which should allow you to process credit and debit cards. If not, opt for PayPal.

The best way to profit from having ringtones on your website is to sell them. When you sell a ringtone, you are guaranteed money. On the other hand, you can use ringtones to promote your music. On your website, give your ringtones away for free. This is ideal if you have a CD available for sale or if you perform on demand for weddings and other special events. If someone likes your music, they may buy your CD or book you for a special event. In this aspect, you use homemade ringtones as a marketing tool, but they can still generate income.

If you do not have an online website for your music, you can still sell your ringtones online. Many websites allow you to sell your ringtones on their existing websites. This approach is nice as these websites are already popular and already marketed to the public. Essentially, they are easy for internet users to find. You do not have to worry about promoting your ringtones or website. All you do is upload your ringtone to the website and enter in your contact and payment information. This approach is a good way to test the waters with ringtones, but you are charged a fee. This fee should be a percentage of each sale.

Regardless of how you sell your mobile phone ringtones, have good prices. Yes, you want to make money, but it is important to make a sale. A good price for ringtones is .99 cents each. Some websites charge $1 to $2 for ringtones that feature well-known bands and songs. If your music is only popular on a local level, internet users will expect to pay less. With ringtones, the quantity matters the most. If you can sell 25 ringtones for .99 cents, you make $24.75. Compare this with only 10 ringtones that sell for $2 and you still make more money.

In short, if you are a musician or an aspiring musician, you can and should use cell phone ringtones to make money. Mobile phones and accessories, including ringtones, are extremely popular in the United States. It is easy to profit from them. Not only do you make money but promote your music at the same time.