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Make Your Own Podcast: Searching for Your Topic

Make Your Own Podcast: Searching for Your Topic

If you have listened to a couple of podcasts you might have been struck with the suggestion, “Hey, I’ll bet I can do that!” Doing your very own podcast isn’t hard, but where some people get stuck is right at the extremely beginning …


” What should my podcast have to do with?”


There are two means people generally tackle choosing a topic. The first method is to pick something you truly enjoy– something you’re deeply passionate regarding. This can make a podcast that’s really satisfying to develop as well as to pay attention to.


The problem is available in when you determine that it might be an excellent idea to make some money with your podcast (whether to aid pay for holding or to make use of for pizza) as well as you discover the subject you have picked is too little to really make any kind of cash.


The other way to select a subject is to go…

The other way to select a subject is to go to the other end of the range, and to do some research study on niches that make a lot of cash. Some of the obvious subjects are health and wellness, golf, home mortgages, etc. There’s cash to be made in those niches.

However, there’s a problem with determining to do a podcast on mortgages if you’re simply in it for the money  after a couple of episodes, you’re likely to experience what’s understood in the sector as “pod fade”– that’s when a podcast simply … kind … of … goes … away.


Since even if the niche has the potential to make a great deal of money, if it’s not something you want, it’ll end up being a drag to develop another episode.


So, the absolute best means to choose a subject is to go someplace between. Discover a subject you’re interested in, yet which also has the potential to make some money. (Note: In practically any topic there’s typically methods to generate income from a podcast, however right here I’m talking about the most convenient and most sure path).


Allows say you absolutely love gathering origin beer bottle caps– it’s your passionate leisure activity. Starting a podcast with that theme is most likely not the absolute best idea– a minimum of, not if you desire a great chance at monetizing your podcast in the future.


Instead, relocate extra towards the middle of the road and maybe do a podcast for collectors of all kinds. Although you collect origin beer container caps as well as someone else collects agates, you both have a typical interest– gathering. You can now do a podcast that will certainly appeal to collectors of all kinds– you’ve widened your market tremendously.


As well as on the various other end of the range,

As well as on the various other end of the range, if you’re beginning your very own podcast to monetize it instantly, pick a topic with money-making potential, yet that is likewise of rate of interest to you.


As an example, if you such as to function around your home you might do a podcast regarding residence enhancement. As well as people that fix their residences are in some cases curious about home mortgages, so there’s a way you can link that huge “money-maker” particular niche right into a specific niche concerning which you’re enthusiastic.


There’s nothing wrong with starting a podcast that you never monetize– a great deal of individuals enter podcasting for the large fun of it and to connect with others that have comparable interests. But if you are going to wish to monetize your podcast, the time to think about that goes to the very beginning, when you’re simply getting started.

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