The concept of the law of attraction in our lives.

The concept of the law of attraction suggests that everything that occurs in our lives, both positive and negative, is drawn to us. We all have firsthand knowledge of this law. For instance, you may be interested in purchasing a particular car model, and suddenly you begin to notice a lot of cars of that specific model on the road.

Similarly, you may have a query about something, and suddenly you come across a book that contains the answer to your question. This is the law of attraction in action. Everything that we require to attain our desires is already present around us, but we are unable to perceive it.

We only notice it when we have the intention to do so, such as the car model that we repeatedly see zooming past us but never notice until we intend to buy one, or the book that is already on the market but does not attract our attention until we have a question that requires an answer.

The law of attraction is closely linked to my understanding of the subconscious mind, as our reality is essentially a delayed reflection of our subconscious mind. Whatever we impress upon our subconscious mind will eventually manifest in our reality.