Okay, it is a brand new year, and it is time to leave 2021 behind. The question you should be asking yourself; what am I going to do differently to put myself and my family in a better financial situation.
  • What are you going to change in 2022?
  • Leave old unhealthy habits behind.
  • Are you going to grow stronger in your faith?
  • Plan and stick with it.
What are your plans for 2022? Are you going to be in the same place, or will you have moved on? Things may change in the next five years. The new president might do something unexpected. There could be a war, a natural disaster, an economic crisis. The point is that if you want to make a change in your life, you need to plan and stick with it.
In 2022, where do you want to be? What do you want to have done? Who do you want to be friends with? What will your schoolwork look like? Think about these things now, and then plan to get there.
Getting rid of unpleasant habits is challenging work. But if you want to grow as a person, it is worth making the effort.
I will tell you what is not on that list. There is nothing on there about how much money you are going to make or how big your house is going to be or how fancy a car you are going to drive.

We set goals like that, but they are not us. They are extensions of the people we want to be, and they always end up disappointing us.
I do not know if I can fix the world in 2022, but I can fix myself in 2022. So, this year my only resolution is to get better at living today.
First, decide that you are going to change. Do not make resolutions — they are only good for about three weeks. Instead, think about what you want next year to be like and then work backward, figuring out what you need to do on a daily or weekly basis to make that happen.
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