Top 8 recommendations – Using Lead Magnets to Grow Your List

Top 8 recommendations – Using Lead Magnets to Grow Your List

 1. eBooks

Quick eBook creation tips

If you want to create a lead magnet eBook to help grow your list, it doesn’t have to take a long time. You really can create an eBook for use as a lead magnet today using these tips. If you come up with an idea while reading, make sure you write it down so that it happens.

Transcribe an Interview or Two

Conduct some interviews with your up-line or anyone on your team. Bullet point some questions to ask such as about MLM success tips, lead generation, Facebook marketing, etc, and then use Otter to transcribe Otter is online software that you can use for free that can do a surprisingly good human-quality audio subscription for you then you can export your text and turn into a book using the word. Or You can find people to do it for you inexpensively on, but you can also do it yourself using software like Amazon Transcribe.  (

Publish a Case Study or Two

Set up automation to send a survey for a testimonial to each of your downlines after they’ve been given enough time as a member of the business and see results. The survey should allow them to tell their story freely about the business and how happy they are about their results already.

Once they finish, you can take the information you receive from that survey and turn it into a publishable case study that you can allow your audience to download free to learn more and grow your list.

Compile Old Blog Posts

This is a fun way to create a book as you go. By setting up categories on your blog, you can set up a system to slowly write and eventually publish a perfect eBook for list building. After you have ten to twenty posts about one topic, you can compile it using automatic software with just a few clicks of a mouse. Add in some transitions, and images, and design the document to match your branding, and you’re done.

Transcribe a Webinar

Yes, this is another idea that uses transcription to create an eBook. You talk faster than you write. But you can use technology to help you create an eBook from a webinar you already conducted. Add a few checklists and maybe step-by-step instructions to accomplish a task, and it’ll be a sure-fire winner.

These four ways to put together an ebook as a lead magnet shouldn’t take long. You can use a plugin for your blog if you use self-hosted WordPress called Print My Blog to help you compile individual posts from a category into a simple eBook. (

Next, we’ll look at how to create downloadable resource guides as lead magnets.

2 Resource guides

How to create downloadable resource guides as list builders

Your audience likes to know what tools and systems they need to get to do what you do, or how to use your products and services successfully in order to market their businesses. Because of this, they want to know the resources you use and recommend that they use. That’s why a resource guide makes a perfect list builder or lead magnet. It can also become a lucrative money maker for you too as most tools such as marketing systems, autoresponders, lead generation platforms and advertising platforms etc have an affiliate program attached to them. So you can share out your recommendations with short advice on how to use them and your referral link to join them.

Here are a few great tools of mine that I highly recommend:

  • LeadsLeap will allow you to build pages and funnels for free. Plus you can advertise on the platform and generate leads for free. The paid upgrade will give extra tools such as autoresponders etc.

Check it out here:

  • io With this site you can convert any Word doc into a viral re-brandable report:

Start on Your Website

Set up a page on your site with a resource list that consists of recommendations and tools you use to do your business, as well as business opportunities or products that you recommend your audience use to do whatever it is you promote.

Print to PDF

While the website version is going to be updated, as you can add to it every time you find a new product or service that you like or recommend, once the list is long enough to be a few pages, you can print it right off your site to PDF. If you cannot do that with your set-up, cut and paste it to a Word file instead. Then after you clean it up, turn that into a PDF file.

Clean It Up

After you have the file, you’ll want to clean up anything from the website that doesn’t belong, to make it look more like a report or eBook. Make sure all your links are clickable and work.

Make It Attractive

Add formatting to make the PDF look attractive to the person who downloads it, and add information to the file to help the reader understand what the products or services do for them. Use for free to create nice banners, buttons, or header images for your PDF reports.

The remarkable thing about a resource list is that you can also add your affiliate links to the document as well as to your website. Your entire audience can see the resources right on your site. But if they want them all in one package, they can download the PDF file, which links them right back to your website as well as to the resources, using your affiliate link. You could take it all one step further and set up a re-brandable PDF and allow them to add their user IDs to the affiliate links. Use this tool to setup re-brandable PDF reports

This is a list builder that’ll make money directly when your audience clicks through and buys, but also since they’re on your list to start with.

Next, we look at how to create checklists.

  • Checklists

How to create your freebie checklist  

Building your list is fun when you figure out all the ways you can do it. Having a variety of entry points is the best thing for your business. One way to build your list is to create a checklist to give away that helps them do something.

As a list builder, checklists are a great way to create something of value for your audience quickly and easily. Once you create a checklist, there are several ways you can market it to build your list.

In-Content Link

Anytime you have a checklist, it’s useful to mention it and link to it right within the content. For example, if you’re writing about doing that thing that needs a checklist, use the anchor text of your choice to link to the gated checklist content.

Advertising the Checklist

Once you create a checklist, you can advertise it to any people who have visited your website. Use remarketing technology via Facebook Ads to recommend the checklist to anyone who reads the text on your website.

As a PS in an Email Message

When you have checklists to give out, any time you mention the topic, you can mention the checklist as a reminder of the resources and information you offer your audience. Just tell them about the checklist and link to it.

Within a Chat

You can even recommend your checklists in chat right on your site or within social media. Using automated technology right through Facebook and AI, you can set up your messages to automatically send this information to the right audience members who use specific keywords.

As a Webinar Handout

If you are hosting or speaking at a Webinar or Zoom, this is a great time to recommend any of the checklists you’ve created for your audience. Just mention to the audience that if they need extra help, they can download the checklists for assistance.

As you can see, there are many ways to entice your audience to download the freebie checklist. Just add it to the content in a way that makes it natural to download the gated content for the audience member. Anytime the relevant topic is brought up is an opportunity to recommend your checklist.

Next, we’ll look at using cheat sheets as lead magnets.

  1. Cheat sheets

Make their life easy with cheat sheets

Your audience wants a shortcut. That’s a fact of life that almost everyone can relate to. Most audiences want to do things in a way that lets them skip over all the mistakes, and thankfully you have that to offer them by creating cheat sheets that you’ve created for yourself.

What Is a Cheat Sheet?

A cheat sheet is essentially a reference guide to something.

For example, you can have a cheat sheet with keyboard shortcuts for a game, a cheat sheet with formulas for math problems, a cheat sheet with common baking ingredient substitutions, a cheat sheet of the top movers and shakers in your niche, the ultimate landing page cheat sheet, the best advertising recommendations and so forth… These are all great ideas for cheat sheets.

You can create a cheat sheet using Word or any content editor or even a page builder. You can also use this online software: ( Don’t get too carried away with how to make the cheat sheet, though, because you can do it in MS Word just as well as you can using software like or even the drag-and-drop page builder in LeadsLeap and the great thing about LeadsLeap is once you’ve built your Cheatsheet you can send the share code to your page to your member so they can no only join you in LeadsLeap but also duplicate your page and edit it for their own use.

Make the Cheat Sheet Easy

The main thing is that the cheat sheet should be easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to implement at a glance. Use columns, color codes, and visuals to guide the reader to a fast understanding of the information. You can even look up cheat sheets online to find some examples to use.

Make the Cheat Sheet Valuable

Whatever tools and/or businesses you’re promoting, you can create a cheat sheet for each of the tasks the audience needs to do. Whether it’s a marketing type cheat sheet or a “how to get started in cryptocurrency” type cheat sheet, the main thing is to ensure it’s something your ideal referral or signup wants to know and needs to know, and that you can compile it on one page in a way that is understandable and implementable at a glance.

Your cheat sheet should be simple to use and fully understandable to your ideal referral, signup, or lead. It can be as simple as a list of definitions of acronyms for your niche, and your audience will find it immensely useful and valuable. Just don’t overthink it. Get something up there and try it out to see what your business partners are interested in.

Next, we’ll look at reasons why templates make effective list builders.

5. Templates

Reasons templates make effective list builders

A template is essentially like a guide, pattern, or mold of the original. It is expected that someone can use the template to create something that matches the original faster than if they didn’t have the template to guide them. Templates make impressive and effective list builders because your audience, like most audiences, wants shortcuts to success.

Templates can be made to help control quality and appearance and make data match across a variety of environments so that the output is more accurate. The main thing is that the overall layout or information provided in the template is to be used to create a process or system.

They Solve a Problem Fast

A template is an excellent way to solve a problem fast. You can create template designs for everything – from landing pages to a template for following up with your new signups or autoresponder follow-up templates, etc. Since it’s all on one page, it’s easy to use and fast to implement.

They’re Easy to Create

A template is not hard to create, no matter the topic it’s about. You can easily find examples of templates in every type of software you like to use, from MS Word to MS Excel, or if it’s a landing page template you can easily share it using LeadsLeap page builder.

The File Is Small

Since it’s just one page, the template is easy for most people to download even if they’re using their smartphones. Most templates are in PDF format if you’re sharing email templates, which is a universal format that people can use on their mobile devices or their computers. Since the file doesn’t take up much space and is simple to download, you don’t need any special software to give away templates, if you’re building funnel templates then you can share them using the share code feature in LeadsLeap

They Offer High Value

A template is a high-value offer because it solves such an important and singular problem with just a glance. You can probably come up with several template ideas for your audience in your niche, regardless of what type of business are promoting. Even if you’re into the crypto space or bitcoin, you can easily come up with a template that your customers could use to see how to earn a passive income such as an Excel spreadsheet but since you’re not a financial adviser you need to make that clear with disclaimers etc. Anyway, with templates as a whole, It’s perfect because they still don’t want to do the work or necessarily get started, but it proves your knowledge, and people love the tangible value they can download and save for later so they may come around later as you continue to provide more value in the form of Lead magnets.

Templates are the perfect lead magnets because they encompass all the qualities you want in a lead magnet for list building – simple, fast, and effective at solving one particular problem for a specific person. You probably have some templates already that you use that you could perfect and make ready as a list builder right now. What are you waiting for?

Next, we’ll look at using printables as lead magnets.

6. Printables

Printables make excellent lead magnets

A good way to encourage your audience to sign up for your email list is to give them something of value in exchange for their email address, and other information you’ve deemed is important for you to have. Here are some ideas for printables that you can give away for free to build your list.

  • Checklists – Mentioned previously, a checklist is just a list with checkboxes so steps aren’t missed. For example, you can have a checklist that helps you design a landing page or a checklist that helps you set up someone’s autoresponder.
  • Lists – Anything you can put in a list that is useful for your audience to know, from a list of resources to a list of definitions, to a list of movers and shakers in your niche, are all great ideas.


  • Ultimate guides – If you’ve been blogging about a topic for a length of time, you probably already have enough content to turn it into a guide.


  • Workbooks – If you teach how to do something, it can be translated into a workbook.


  • Worksheets – Want to help someone learn something? Create a worksheet that leads them through the steps.


  • Dream building – If you’re helping your team to build their MLM business then motivational/team building quotes with nice backgrounds that will motivate them etc. You can also allow them to print out templates of certificates for recognition when either they or their team reach a certain rank in your MLM business. Using com can allow you to build and share templates with your team for them to print out.


  • Journals – Want your audience to keep a journal in a specific way to meet individual goals you’ve all set? Create a unique journal for them to follow.


  • Templates – Mentioned earlier, anytime you’ve already invented the wheel, show someone else how a template is valuable and useful.


You can create these printables designed for your ideal audience but do gate them. That means that you don’t let them have them as a freebie unless visitors provide additional information such as an email address, and first name, or even signup for your business opportunity or MLM company first.

As long as it’s something useful for them that they can print and use, it will work.

To create these printables, you can use software that you’re accustomed to like MS Word, and turn it into a PDF, or you can use software online like to make your printables extra attractive without having to hire a graphic designer, using their premade and editable designs.

Plus, you need an opt-in form. You can use your email autoresponder software such as LeadsLeap to create the opt-in form, or you can use landing page software to do it too.

Once you have that connection, your audience will click the printable that they want, and once they click it, they’ll get a message to enter their email address. When they do, they’ll be taken directly to the page to print.

At the same time, set up the system so that it sends an email to the audience member with a link to the printable in case they did not get it at that moment. Plus, it helps ensure that your audience is on your list.

Teaching is another great list builder. We’ll talk about that next.

7. Quizzes

Teaching is a great list builder

Your audience is hungry for your information. They believe you when you say something is true. They look to you for insider information and think of you as a leader in your niche. Because of this, quizzes make excellent lead magnets.

You can set up a lead magnet quiz in a couple of ways:

  • Online quizzes and games
  • Downloadable worksheets and workbooks

As long as you ask for an email address before they access the quiz or game designed for learning, it’s going to be an effective lead magnet. Target their pain, match it to your expertise, and go from there.

For an online quiz, you can set it up so that it delivers an answer. For example, let’s say your audience member needs to know which level of membership is best for them based on your offer. They can answer several questions and then, based on their answer, you can send them to the right landing page, giving them what they need.

Alternatively, you can set up a workbook or worksheet download that teaches a concept and then tests them on the concept’s old-school style. The online method will likely get more entries than the paper printable download method, but both are still very effective list-building ideas.

This tool on is made for creating online quizzes that help you generate more leads, further segment your audience, and even drive traffic if you market your quiz. It’s simple to use and easy to understand. This works great for any business or program that has multiple levels of products to promote to their ideal audience and helps them choose while you collect email address information and build your list.

For example, if you are a coach and offer group coaching via a membership site, in-person workshops, and individual online and offline coaching, you can set up the quiz to ask leading questions that help you determine which type of coaching they need most and the problem they have right now.

Since you’re designing the quiz, you can make the answers too, thus leading them to whatever you’re trying to promote first – such as your membership group coaching site. But since you are an expert, you can ensure that your referrals get led to the right products and services that offer them the most value some new businesses offer either a way for members to earn in a passive way without building a team and there are some that prefer to dive in and build a large team so a quiz or survey is a great way to see who prefers what and thus give them the right opportunity the is best for them. It’s a win-win proposition if there ever was one, because it not only establishes you as an expert in their mind but also demonstrates that expertise by pointing them in the right direction it’s kind of like you are learning the interests of your leads using split testing.

Next, we’ll look at one of the most popular freebies – Paying it Forward – (PIF)!

8. Paying it forward – (PIF)

We all like discounts or being given something that is already funded.

Even though it probably makes you mad that your mobile phone service provider gives discounts to new customers and forgets about you, the truth is that we all like getting discounts, freebies, etc as new customers. It’s one thing that draws us in, and then due to laziness, we often stick with the service even if we’re not that happy with it. It’s human nature.

If you understand human nature, you’ll want to take advantage of this method of building your list because you can do it without adding anything special to your offers.

If the company that you promote has a way to allow you to give away a pre-funded account or give away advertising credits to members in your downline etc then this is similar to giving away discounts etc. It is generally best not to just give these offers away to just anyone as they’ll do nothing with it and will not end up benefiting you.

To make discounts work:

  • Make the value of the offer large enough to notice – You’ll want the PIF, offer, coupon, funned account, or discount to be enough to make them stand up and take notice of it.
  • Make the offer limited – Don’t let them take the offer forever; give them a limited amount of time to take advantage of the offer or never see it again.
  • Make the offer clear – Be clear about what the offer is, including what they’re going to get for the offer so that there is no misunderstanding. For example, if they get free advertising credits for signup via your referral link but only in the month of November, make sure they know it and give them warnings about the expiration, etc.
  • Deliver the wow – When you get your new customer in through an offer, blow them away with your professionalism and value so that they are sure the full value is too huge for your offer and that you are WAY overdelivering. Show them by offering extra free bonuses to sweeten the pot.
  • Cross-promote products and services – Once you get them on your list, even if they don’t continue with you in your MLM business or quit with the offer they signed up for, they are still list members until they unsubscribe. Cross-promote them based on their behavior and offer them something within your other income streams.

Using Paying it Forward type offers and deals as a list builder is an effective way to utilize the products and services you already promote or offer to create a list builder fast. It’s just a matter of setting up the deal in a way that shows value to the lead/signup you already have while demonstrating your promise to the newbie too.

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