How single moms work from home online during the pandemic?


A recent article from the New York Times stated how many companies had shut down or scaled back their operations in the aftermath of the recent pandemic that struck the world. According to the article, the World Health Organization says more than 20 million people have been infected with the H1N1 swine flu virus, making this the worst pandemic in more than 50 years.


What single moms don’t know is that you can work from home online as a single parent during the pandemic!


You can earn money from home even during these times. What you get for helping people during these times is being paid a portion of your daily requirements too.


A couple of things to consider are:


  1. Your Location is as important as your skill set. I live and work in Sydney in Australia, which means I can work from my home regardless of whether I live in an urban or rural area.


  1. If you are in a rural area, you will need to relocate but it does not mean you are restricted to working online. You can still find some type of employment, run your errands, or even go out with your children.


  1. If you are in a major urban area, you’ll likely find it impossible to run errands and even go out with your children. This means you may have to rely on others to help you, which means depending on them to get to and from work, take the kids to and from school or even leave the house entirely.


So where do you start? Here are some things to consider before you decide to start an online business in these times.


  • Are you a nurse or doctor? I work in an IRL practice, which means I treat patients myself, at times. But you do need experience working in a hospital or healthcare environment. There is a lot to be said for people with real world experience. I find many are fearful of being involved in healthcare work, due to the media hype, fear factor or worse – the reality of having to deal with sick and dying patients in extreme conditions. So, I know you have that inherent motivation to get involved and make a little extra money, whilst helping the community and the vulnerable.
  •  I’ve met a few people recently, who have become extremely successful in this arena, but they don’t understand the full reality of what they are doing. So, think about it before you jump in and help people. Are you a programmer? Because you’ll be writing and updating and improving website scripts, you MUST be a programmer. Not only will you need to be a good designer, but you’ll also need to write and communicate with your customers using the website software you’ll be required to use.
  •  It means you will have to know HTML and perhaps CMS/software like Tumblr. Not to mention you’ll need to know how to build a site that looks professional, looks clean and professional. It must look organized and professional and it must perform optimally. This means coding. This isn’t some “Hi-Tech” challenge where you pick up a soldering kit and make a website. You will need to be able to build some basic scripts. And you’ll be responsible for the usability of the site. If it doesn’t get used, it doesn’t happen. So, this takes time and skill.
  • Are you a graphic designer? You’ll need to design some of the marketing material that relates to your practice. It could be a flyer; it could be a brochure. But you’ll need to design it in a way that it communicates with your patients and your community. Not only will you need to communicate with your community as a healthcare professional, but you’ll be also communicating with the community as a community-based healthcare professional.


So, I would be wary of practicing in areas that are not healthcare related. Yes, you need to have some knowledge of the internet. But you need to have knowledge of things that relate to your practice and not things that are peripheral.


What types of practice are good for this challenge? I believe this could be done by a company that specializes in helping healthcare providers do “internet diplomacy”.

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