How To Be Creative: Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid to Do What You Are Great At


Creativity is a scary word for so many people. Creative thinking feels antithetical to our logical, scientific, common sense-oriented mindsets. In fact, in our modern era of digital information overload and social media algorithms that propagate the things we are most interested in, it can seem like everything has become an extension of our ego and nothing else. That is not to say that creativity is something that should be feared or shunned — on the contrary.


Creativity is a wonderful thing, especially now more than ever before. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analysis have made it easier than ever for people to tap into their inner genius through techniques such as brainstorming and visualization — both of which are crucial for any creative individual to succeed with their ideas. We will take a deeper look at what creativity is and why you should never be afraid to do what you are great at when it comes to creativity!


What is Creativity?


Creativity can be defined as the process of generating ideas for new products, processes, or services. Creativity can be applied to many different fields including art, design, science, and business. When it comes to being creative, some people think of artists, writers, designers, and inventors — in fact, all kinds of professions in which one’s job is to think outside the box and see things that others do not see.


However, creativity is also about a much broader set of qualities and skills. It is about the desire to create and expand your creative boundaries. While it is important to understand what creativity is, it is also important to understand why it is so important. Why should you be afraid to do what you are great at? If you are not already, you will soon see the value of being more creative.


Why you should be afraid to do what you are great at


Creativity is something that you can only do when you are in a creative space — which can be any room that you have designated as a creative space. For example, you can be in your closet as a closet is a great space for creativity. However, outside of this creative space, creatives must be careful about what they say and do.


When we are not in the creative space, we are in the “logical” or “scientific” space — and logic and science have proven that creativity is for the birds and highly unlikely to happen. Therefore, you should be afraid to do what you are great at. You have this wonderful gift of creativity, and you should never be afraid to use it. You will be surprised by how much it can help you, both in your personal and professional life.


Why It is Important to be Creative


Many people complain that they feel like they are creating all the time, but they just do not seem to be able to show it off and put it into action. Others feel as though they are creative, but they just do not know how to tap into their potential. Unfortunately, both issues stem from the fact that most of us were taught that creativity is something that only happens in realms of “artists and writers” — and most people are so worried about being “wrong” that they are too scared to try at all. This is a huge mistake because creativity is so much more than just “artistic or writing” — it is about expanding your mind and tapping into new, creative ideas and solutions.


Tips for Being More Creative


– Be available for creativity – There is a famous saying that “time is the most valuable thing in life,” and it could not be truer. We can all find the time for sleep, work, and socializing, but if you want to be available for creativity — you are going to have to make a big deal about it. Schedule some time every week to sit down with a piece of paper, your computer, or whatever creative tools you use, and just let your mind run wild.


This is where you will find the best ideas and solutions. – Go outside of your comfort zone – As we have already discussed, many people are so scared to do what they are great at because they are worried about being wrong. That is why it is so important to go outside of your comfort zone. If you only try things that you have always been too scared to try before — you are going to stay in your comfort zone.


Make a point of trying new things and things that you have always been too scared to try. This is what will help you expand your creativity. – Talk to people – One of the best ways to expand your creativity is to talk to people — even if they are not creative themselves. When you talk to people, you are forced to open your mind and think outside of what you have been thinking about all day. One of the best ways to do this is to ask things that are not related to your work — things that you can use to open your mind and think about things in a unique way.




In the end, creativity is something that everyone should have access to. However, it is often something that people are too nervous to try until it is too late. That is why it is important to be more creative yourself — and be available for it in your life. It is not something that happens frequently, and when you do it, you will be surprised by how much it helps you and others.

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