Are Your Desires Trapped Inside Your Head?

Do you have a bucket list? Or you have a list of things that you want to achieve in your life, like traveling to a certain place, learning a new skill, or buying a house. If so, good for you! Setting goals is one of the first steps toward living life to the fullest. But do you also have hidden desires? You have been keeping your secret passions locked away in your head. If so… let them out! Uncover all your repressed cravings and let them flourish. Unlock those desires and make them happen. Here are some ways that may help:


Tap Into Your Childhood Dreams

What do you really want to do? What is your passion? If you were given a chance to do anything in the world, what would you choose? These are questions that you really need to ask yourself, and not just the ones. You might keep changing as you grow older, so it is vital to explore what your hidden desires are now and again. When you are a child, you are more in tune with your true desires. Life has not yet taught you to reject them, you have not yet learned to stifle your dreams. As you get older, you may have been taught to push away your dreams, ignore your cravings, to keep your desires hidden.


This is a terrible thing to do because it means that you are getting rid of a huge part of yourself. You are nipping your passions in the bud, and in doing so you are cutting yourself off from a lot of happiness. There may be some desires that you have kept inside you for a long time, and so you may not even remember what it is that you really want. Go back to your childhood and try to remember what it was that you wanted back then. What dreams did you have?


Watch What Makes You Feel Good


This may seem like a strange suggestion, but by watching the things that make you feel good, you can start to figure out what your hidden desires are. That is not to say that you should be watching TV all day in the hopes that you will magically unlock your repressed passions. Instead, you should be watching things that make you feel good, and then try to figure out why they make you feel that way. You could watch a movie or a TV show. Or you love reading books that give you a sense of joy and pleasure, and so you could read those as well. You can also look at the artwork, listen to music, smell scents, go to events, and so on.


Discover What You are Good At



Are there areas of your life where you feel like you excel? What gifts do you have? Are there things at which you are naturally good? What are your strengths? These are all things that you should try and be aware of because they can help you to discover what your hidden desires are. By focusing on the areas of your life where you feel like you are great, you may be able to figure out what your passions are. Many people discover their hidden desires by focusing on what they are good at. For example, if you are particularly good at listening to other people, then you could be drawn towards a career in counseling. Or if you have a knack for being creative, you could become an artist.


Set Small, Achievable Goals


Sometimes it can be difficult to unlock our secret desires because we feel like they are too big of a task. What if you have been keeping your dream of becoming an actor locked away because you think that it is too unrealistic? What if you want to travel the world, but you think that it is impossible? One way to unlock your desires is to set small, achievable goals that will help you to get closer to your overall goal.


If your desire is to become an actor, then you do not need to jump straight into becoming the next Leonardo DiCaprio. Instead, set smaller goals for yourself, like taking some acting courses, or joining an amateur theater group. If you want to travel the world, but you feel like the task is too big and difficult, then break it down into more bite-sized pieces. You want to go to Australia, but you feel like it is too expensive. Instead, set a smaller goal for yourself, like saving up for a short holiday somewhere else. Once you have achieved that smaller goal, you can then move on to the next.


Create Rituals to Help You Feel Good


We have already mentioned how important it is to feel good, and so rituals can be a wonderful way to make yourself feel good. When we feel good, we feel excited, enthusiastic, and alive. We are more in tune with our desires, and so rituals can help you to connect with your true feelings. There are many ways that you can create rituals that make you feel good. You could try writing down three things that you are grateful for or meditating and focusing on your breath. You could also create a vision board or try writing a list of all the things that you want to achieve in your life. Whichever ritual you choose, it is important to make it special to you and to make it something that you look forward to.




Are you ready to unleash your true potential and start living a life full of passion? Are you ready to let go of your fears, and be the person that you know you can be? There is no better time than now to start unlocking your hidden desires. Start by tapping into your childhood dreams, and then move on from there. Watch what makes you feel good and try to discover what you are good at. Set small, achievable goals, and create rituals to help you feel good, and before you know it, you will be living a life filled with passion. Now is the time to unleash your passions. Now is the time to let go of the fears and doubts that have been holding you back. And now is the time to start living the life that you have always wanted to live!

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