There are many myths flying around the affiliate marketing space about how to be successful, how hard it is to be successful and what you need to have a successful affiliate marketing business. Inside this article we will break the myth barriers and show you that you are only a few steps away from breaking out in of all the mysteries and negativity and prove to yourself that this is a viable home business opportunity.

Size of Email List

The size of your email list is one of the biggest misconceptions out there. People say you need a HUGE list to make money with affiliate marketing. NOT TRUE!  The quality of the list is more important than the size. Just because you can mail to 100,000 subscribers does not mean you will make any sales. Having a list of buyers is 100 times better than having a list of subscribers that have only opted in for a free report.

Now, those free subscribers can and will make purchases but someone that has already purchased from you are already starting to trust you and will make more purchases because you have recommended it to them.

So, the bigger the email list with buyers will in turn produce your higher commissions and profits from your efforts to deliver quality and value to them.

It is not just about delivering promotions to them all the time but also giving them advice and showing them results. But sending clickable links in every email is important to have them view your recommendations regularly.

Emailing daily is a must to keep you and your brand at the top of your subscriber’s mind and inbox. Do not let yourself get forgotten.

If you are not emailing your list AT LEAST once a day you are leaving money on the table. When people first begin making a new email list and check how many subscribers they have. They tend to see an email list with a huge number of subscribers as a successful one. Well, at some point it is important but not the sole measurement of a successful affiliate email campaign.

In fact, many marketers worry and do their best to maintain their overall number of subscribers on their lists. Keeping subscribers is important but it is not the only stats to focus on. There are other metrics that you should consider determining how good your email list is and how good your email campaign is such as message open rates, clicks through your links and sales conversions.

Technical Barriers

Someone who is starting to be an affiliate marketer might think about creating their first blog, making a niche website, or establishing an online store because these websites are platforms to generate profits. These websites will be more likely to require your precious time and specific skills and knowledge and every from of website has their own issues particularly in starting to make profits online.

Setting up your own blog might be simple and easy from the start, but it is not the same story as you go through the process. How to secure a good number of viewers to your articles is the biggest problem for newbie bloggers.

It is hard to engage enough eyeballs when you are creating your new blog. You must realize that you are competing in a huge and populated market that makes for very tough competition.

One relief is making and offering a unique product; however, you must deal with facts and provide satisfying information to the never-ending questions. Knowing what your audiences really want is your goal in promoting your product. Also, do not forget that you are selling something that is not tangible. You must work on your revenues from ads and from other working affiliate links in your blog.

However, if you really want to generate real profits you must create a massive audience. Niche websites are also easy to make but it is also the same reason why the competition is greater. To get many visitors to your sites, you must enhance your search engine optimization (SEO) skills since search engine traffic contributes to a large part of total traffic going to a niche site. SEO can be time consuming and is always changing. You can outsource this to always stay in the search engine rankings.

These are just examples of websites and technical issues. Meanwhile, you keep on thinking that technical knowledge, selling skills and some abstract issues are the biggest hindrance to start your career in affiliate marketing. Well, these issues are something that can be overcome and solved by a good work ethic and your determination to be a successful affiliate marketer. Do not let them get in your way to having a business you really want.

Bonuses – How do they do it?

Bonuses are designed to persuade your potential customer into buying a product through your affiliate link and not from another affiliate. If the customers can get something that adds value or the bonuses are more valuable than the product selling price, surely it will be converted into improved conversions for you. Bonuses mean more value to the original offer.

In fact, most of the time, bonuses are usually worth more than what the products are worth. Yes, you are selling the same thing as other affiliates servicing the same market. However, by having bonuses that are truly valuable, customers would prefer your offer. Everyone seems to be convinced that this will be the case due to the features and benefits offered by the product. Having a well-written bonus offer page could make the promotion come together easier.

Bonuses give a greater incentive for the customers to purchase through your link. Bonuses are obviously designed and implemented with the aim to increase sales and they must be readily available and accessible to all customers upon completion of their purchase. The concept of using bonuses is easy to create and implement and the result is both rewarding and profitable.

Here are some ways for you to create bonuses. To start with, doing it by yourself is the easiest way to create a bonus offer, though a little bit of effort is needed to prepare for it just like doing a little research for your special report. Preparation saves money. You do not need to spend much in making the bonus available to the customers when you do it yourself.

Another and easier route that is also often used in in affiliate marketing is the use of Private Label Rights. Private Label Rights are products where the content is already prepared, and you can buy its ownership. This is a good choice if you do not have your own content yet. This would save time and effort and you can use it as your bonus right away. You are given the option to edit it if you want to make it more unique and brand yourself and your business.

What about creating several different bonus items?

It is possible even if you do not have enough resources. Negotiating a joint venture with other affiliates can be greatly beneficial to both of you if follow this route. This becomes a viable option when affiliates in one joint venture add individual bonuses to create a great bonus offering to your customers. But of course, the return of investment from a joint venture must be fairly distributed to each affiliate. This strategy enables you to secure a sale by giving the costumers more than what they have paid.