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How to Donate Money: What Can You Give?

Why is cash gifting vs GoFundMe me are so popular and in high demand? It is simple. Most people are turned off relying on their employer to pay their paycheck or only plain bored and done with their jobs. That’s right, lots of people are no longer satisfied with their standard paycheck. And cash gifting is the best way they can give their money a payoff. Cash gifting vs GoFundMe is still in the high demand even after many years!

I personally believe that cash gifting is best for your money because it’s the most personal, it’s hands-on, and it gives you a sense of achievement while gifting your hard-earned cash. Why? I’ve had many cases where people that were close to me were unable to pay their debts. One family went deep into debt just to pay their bills. I witnessed them and their credit score dropped drastically, but they persisted to pay their bills. They did it with friends and family, it was really touching and heart-felt. I was happy and proud of them.

With GoFundMe, it’s all about their needs and no soul. They have made it so that it is all about their fundraising goal.

So, the choice is clear. Cash gifting or GoFundMe me.

I want you to remember that your money is important and is what helps you build your credit. It’s the life blood of your future. If you let it go to waste, you are saying you don’t value your money. This hurts your credit score, and this will hurt your ability to borrow money in the future. Think about it. It is the same as forgetting how to walk and someone puts a band aid on your head. Your credit score takes a nosedive because of not being careful with your money.

Cash Gifting vs GoFundMe

I know it’s tempting, especially with good scores, to use your hard-earned cash on the internet to pay debts and this is what many people do in their quest to build credit. It’s a dangerous game and not always a wise choice.

However, in this economy, we can ill afford to lose our jobs, homes, invest money into risky ventures. Therefore, in selecting your cause, you must ask; can I not afford to help someone else?

  •  Not everyone is cut out to give, it takes practice.
  • Cash is good, but if it’s a Christmas present, it is widely accepted in any amount.
  •  Find a charity is to do a search on Google, then type in the name of the charity, then look at the results. Look for all the results. Donations that match your donation amount.
  • Look for things that involve a product or service. Not necessarily the item you want to give. Things that involve the same product or service
  • Not all gifts are eligible for charity donations.
  • Donating time. You could give up 5 hours of your time, to the charity of your choice. But remember you only get paid for the time you give.
  • Donating money, the trick is you must have a noticeably clear idea of what you want to give, then calculate the amount of money to give and how much you want to give. It’s like buying a car, if you want to give it do think of what you want to buy, then multiply the amount of money given by the price of the car and finally think of how many times you want to buy it.
  • The best way to donate is to find a charity, who stands for what you believe in and how can you donate without damaging your relationship with them?
  • Donating money is the most difficult and personal, you must know the amount you want to donate, how much money you have and then think how you want to donate it. You may have to donate in return for something you want or need. Donating your time is one of the easiest ways to donate. How do you give it? That’s the million-dollar question.

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