Six Lies to Avoid in Marketing

Today’s digital world is now full of marketing tools and channels. It is easier than ever to create an online presence, but it is just as easy to hide from the world if you are not careful. Creating a strong marketing strategy takes time, research, and planning. If you are new to the entire process or have fallen prey to some bad advice, here are five common marketing lies that you should avoid in your marketing strategy:


The Conclusion at the Bottom of Your Copy is King.


When writing your marketing copy, you may want to conclude your copy at the bottom of your sales letter, sales page, blog post, or your email signature. But do not make this your conclusion. Your conclusion is different from your call to action. Your call to action is what you want your reader to do after reading your information. If you conclude your marketing copy at the end of your sales letter, you are concluding your entire sales strategy. Your conclusion is just one sentence that tells the reader what they just read. You may want to open with a closing sentence or two to leave the reader wanting more before they put your marketing piece down.


Content is Everything.


In the early 2000s, many marketing professionals proclaimed that content was king. As a result, many companies poured time and money into creating company blogs, Facebook posts, and YouTube videos. Unfortunately, some of these efforts were downright awful. As a result, many brands found that their content was not only ineffective but also not even read. The truth is that content is important and it can be useful, but it is not the king. If your marketing strategy is centered around posting blog articles and videos, you will find that your marketing falls flat. Instead, focus on building relationships with clients, prospects, and customers and you will find that your essential marketing content comes easily.


Videos are the New Photos.


Videos are a wonderful way for you to create marketing content and can lead to an increase in traffic to your company’s pages. However, this is not the only reason to shoot videos. Videos are an effective marketing tool because they are easy to create, share, and put anywhere online. Like images, videos can be embedded on your website, social media, or emailed to clients and customers. What is great about videos is that they can be used to tell your company story and demonstrate your products and services.


You Need to be Everywhere at Once.


Marketing is all about creating a strategy that incorporates many channels and efforts. However, many businesses feel that they need to be everywhere at once. This approach will often result in a lot of wasted effort. Instead, it is better to be where your target audience is and let them find you. Finding a balance between making a presence online and marketing in person will often result in higher engagement levels and higher conversion rates. Furthermore, you can use online channels to build a rapport with customers and professionals that you will meet in person anyway.


Test, Test, and Test Some More.


There are many different paid and free tools that you can use to market your company. You should evaluate different social media channels, messaging, and themes to find those that resonate most with your audience. Once you have a few channels picked out, try them out with a few different audiences to see what they like and what they respond to. Using these marketing lies as a guide, you can make a stronger marketing strategy that is more accurate, relevant, and impactful.

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