The way that you simply structure your day when performing from home can make an enormous difference to your ability to urge many works done. The danger is that once you have not any manager leaning over you, you would possibly find that you simply allow yourself a touch extra luxury and time than is right. That successively could mean you finish up procrastinating to the purpose where you fall behind before you have got even started!

The solution is to introduce some rules. These might sound somewhat arbitrary, but we will see that they will provide a structure and discipline which will assist you to accomplish far more.

Eat the entire Frog

The first one that we are getting to address are some things called “Eating the entire Frog.” This comes from a quote by Clemens that says:

“If your job is to eat a frog, then you ought to do this very first thing within the morning. If your job is to eat two frogs, then you ought to eat the most important and ugliest one first.”

You should also change your job.

Basically, what he is saying here, is that you simply should do the most important and ugliest task first.

If you are starting your day and you have got 5,000 words to write down, then you ought to sit down and do this before you are doing anything. Before you answer any emails, before you are doing any smaller tasks, or anything you would like to try to.


This is important because it means you are providing the foremost value as quickly as possible. the foremost important task is that the one which will probably get you paid the most, which will convert clients the most… and it also means is not any longer hanging over you.

And if you run out of your time at the top of the day, it’s much easier to suit in something small that you’re looking forward to doing, than it’s to suit in something huge that you simply don’t want to try to.

So rather than putting it off, then just catch on out of the way! This also works as great training: it builds great habits.

Therefore, it is so annoying when clients just want to speak, send emails, and alter the goalposts every two minutes.

If you would like knowledgeable to try to something – if you are paying them to try to something – then just allow them to do it!

This simple rule will allow you to be as productive as possible.

There are exceptions to the present rule though…