The Five Books That Made Me a True Believer In GOD

The five books above are just a small sample of the many books that have shaped my faith. These books helped me see that God had a purpose for my life.


8 Quotes That Will Inspire You to Be a Better Person

This article was meant to show these struggles, and the best part is that it can be applied to anyone, regardless of the struggles you are currently facing. All it takes is a little bit of motivation to help you get through your struggles. Do not be afraid to take a calculated risk.

7 Ways to Get Comfortable with Taking Action

The best thing that you can do to get comfortable with taking action is to start small and make small changes in your daily routine. By doing this, you can start building momentum

Here are 10 Reasons To Work For Yourself

Working for yourself also comes with a lot of benefits and opportunities that working for someone else doesn’t. Step out on faith today, not tomorrow.